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Oct. 26, 2019

#20 Carol Harmer - Technical Trading & Technical Analysis

#20 Carol Harmer - Technical Trading & Technical Analysis

This week’s guest is Carol Harmer. Carol started as a trader working for Midland Bank markets (which later became HSBC Markets), in the early 1980s on the LIFFE (London International Financial Futures Exchange) in London.  She started using charts, at a time when few people were using technical analysis, to help her with her trading. 
Over a lifetime in the markets, Carol worked for Midland Banks, Nomura Banks, Credit Suisse, and her own business, Charmer Trading. 
AlphaMind podcast host Steven worked with Carol in the 1990s in the trading room at Credit Suisse in London. By then, as well as trading Carol was providing analysis and advisory based on her technical analysis work. 

Carol was never afraid to make a big call and had a fantastic eye for markets. Her work and philosophy about markets and price action were to have a big influence on Steven's work and career as a trader. 

Carol now produces an outstanding technical analysis advisory service on many markets to thousands of subscribers around the world including; Banks, Hedge Funds, Asset Management Firms as well as to Private and Retail Traders. In addition, Carol trains and mentors’ traders and continues to trade for herself. 

In this interview Carol talks about being a Technical Trader, her passion for markets and how she uses technical analysis as a tool to find value in markets. Carol also talks about the way the industry treats, serves, markets to and in many cases rips-off retail traders.

Carol has a unique style and is extremely outspoken and forthright in her opinions. In this podcast she doesn’t hold back, firing from the hip and at those who mislead retail traders. 

This is a great interview which will educate and enthral traders and analysts at all levels, across all markets. 

To know more about Carol and her work: 

  • Her website is:
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  • Her Twitter Handle is @charmertrading
  • She can be also be found on FX Street