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Feb. 11, 2020

#32 Dr Daniel Crosby - Your Brain is Not Designed to Trade or Invest

#32 Dr Daniel Crosby - Your Brain is Not Designed to Trade or Invest

Don't let the title of this episode de-motivate you. The more you know about your brain and how it functions, the greater the likelihood you can make positive adjustments which can drive superior trading and investment performance. 

In this week’s episode we are in conversation with Dr Daniel Crosby. Daniel is a Behavioural Finance author who has written several best-selling books and is one of the leading authorities on the practical application of Behavioural Finance in the Financial Market's world.

In this excellent chat with Steven and Mark, Daniel explains how our brain's role and function so often works against us rather than for us when engaged in our activities in the financial markets.  

One of the key topics Daniel talks about is meta-knowledge, the ability to know what we don’t know. Daniel describes how the development of skills connected to Meta Knowledge are so vital in driving successful performance in trading and investment roles. He also explains how, paradoxically, the more fallible we realise we are the more likely we are to make adjustment and thus succeed. 

Among some of the outstanding books Daniel has written or co-authored are:

  • You're Not That Great
  • The Laws of Wealth: Psychology and the Secret to Investing Success
  • The Behavioral Investor

Daniels has featured in 3 outstanding Ted Talks, has appeared in the Huffington Post and Risk Management Magazine, and writes monthly columns for and Investment News. Daniel was named one of the "12 Thinkers to Watch" by, a "Financial Blogger You Should Be Reading" by AARP and in the "Top 40 Under 40" by Investment News.