The AlphaMind Podcast

By far, the best podcast series on trading psychology

They should be charging several hundred dollars for access to these materials

I have traded as a portfolio for a global macro hedge fund or for myself as an independnet trader for more than 10 years

The quality and degree of real-world utility is truly immense

My favorite podcasts are with Merritt Black from SMB - by far the best explanation/application of Mark Douglas' Trading in the Zone method in today's markets by several standard deviaitions and with Adam Nash on what it takes to be a successful trader - a more traditional/classic approach but very, very on point, believe me. I have listened to each podcast at least 5X since I discovered them and plan to listen to each 1X /month going forward. Immensely helpful!

If you can't learn from these guys, then you don't want to improve

July 18, 2020 by Dartmouth James on Apple Podcasts

The AlphaMind Podcast