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Feb. 7, 2023

#105 Jacob Holm: The Evolution of a Trader

#105 Jacob Holm: The Evolution of a Trader

Jacob is a young trader from Denmark who is still going through the relative early stages of his trading career. As you will hear in this interview, Jacob has a wise head on young shoulders. 

Jacob discovered a passion for investing, then trading, in his mid-teens. He has since dived into trading with gusto learning the basics of trading, developing his trading skills, learning technical analysis, developing systematic trading capabilities, reading influential writers on trading, in particular the works of Mark Douglas. 

In addition, he worked on developing himself, learning and applying stoic attitudes, and gaining a sense of how markets work and how to best work with them, and the uncertainty that is part of their structure.

This is a terrific interview which gets into the early stage development of a trader, with someone still going through these early stage experiences. However, it will be of interest to traders at all levels, as they reflect on their own journey, and perhaps considers some of the ways they could have done it differently, in ways which are still impacting how they work.

Jacob, and his colleague at Statera Trading, also design and build automated trading EAs that performs various actions on the Metastock trading platform, that other traders can subscribe too. 

You can find out more about Jacob, and his business Statera Trading at these links: 

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