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Self Realization

This podcast is remarkable. Leave your ego behind and become the best you can be. Thanks guys!

Great podcast!

This podcast is a great resource for traders everywhere! Steven and Mark’s holistic approach to trading is transformative and inspiring.

Excellent Podcast making you think about what you do

Great podcast by industry veterans giving their POV on what works and why being emotional about your actions is counter intuitive, although a uniquely human thing to do. Learning to take care of pulling this out of your financial decisions is one of the best things you can do, even if it’s difficult to do.

Best for grounding psychology

Great for learning sustainable, healthy trading practices.

Get your mind right.

This podcasts and it’s guests will help you achieve the state of mind you need. Bob Nichols

The opposite of boring finance

If you are obsessed with trading or high performance decision making this podcast is amazing.

John Locke

Loved listening to John Locke. He has the perfect podcast voice that made me feel his confidence and knowledge as an expert in his field. Great episode!

By far, the best podcast series on trading psychology

They should be charging several hundred dollars for access to these materials I have traded as a portfolio for a global macro hedge fund or for myself as an independnet trader for more than 10 years The quality and degree of real-world utility is truly immense My favorite podcasts are with Merritt Black from SMB - by far the best explanation/application of Mark Douglas' Trading in the Zone method in today's markets by several standard deviaitions and with Adam Nash on what it takes to be a successful trader - a more traditional/classic approach but very, very on point, believe me. I have listened to each podcast at least 5X since I discovered them and plan to listen to each 1X /month going forward. Immensely helpful! If you can't learn from these guys, then you don't want to improve

Great podcast to get your inner voices in check

Love this podcast. Interesting guests and i learn something new on every episode. The hosts do a great job of relating personal experiences to the current topic and how they over came those hurdles. I look forward to new episodes. Thank you for all your effort.

The mind game of the market

This is it if you want to figure out why you do some of the things you do or more importantly how to better equip yourself for your mental day in the market. It’s not to sell you some magic beans or Unicorn dust but how to deal with the stress or improve your performance. The mind and your mindset are so important. You’ll improve your life if you listen.

Just what I was looking for

Amazing content and interviews. Looking inside other traders heads and seeing we all go thru the same emotions. Looking at money in a different way it’s a tool rather then a means to live has helped me with the emotions. So much good information here. Thank you.

Take any trader to next level of professional

Never miss these. Each podcast has so many nuggets, started keeping a diary and listing main points. Won’t be a successful trader without the psychological advantage, and these podcasts are all about that!

Vital Information for ALL Traders

I first came across this podcast by accident, yet it was an awesome learning experience that emerged refreshingly through all the noise out there. Like finding an Oasis in the middle of the Sahara. I sincerely congratulate the great team of professionals behind this production. A Must Listen for all those who wish to succeed in the financial markets. Thank You.

The greatest podcast of all-time for a trader.

This podcast accurately dipicts the real down to earth struggles all traders, including myself, face everyday. I cannot tell you how many times I've journaled "You need to be better here." Or "You NEED to be more patient." But as this podcast explains, the problem is HOW you help yourself instead of NEEDING to help yourself. Besides that, the indescribably dark places and emotions trading can create is not what anyone expected. Nobody human is cut-out to do this. We must work hard over many years to develop the edge and the mindset. Changing your foundational belief about markets is the true journey. Great podcast every trader needs to hear.

Mindset for traders

This is a refreshing podcast on mindset for traders. It would be 5 star if the sound quality was better. And, I love the accents.