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Feb. 21, 2023

#106 Simon Mundie: Developing Psychological Flexibility

#106 Simon Mundie: Developing Psychological Flexibility

The world of sports and high-performance offer so many great metaphors and analogies for trading, where the mind, and the noises in our head, can become the blocker to the potential people possess. 

In this episode we talk with Simon Mundie, a leading sports journalist, radio and tv broadcaster, author, and coach. Simon hosted a superb podcast featured on the BBC, which looks at the lessons people can learn from the world of sports and high performance. On the podcast, Simon has interviewed top athletes, tennis greats, Olympic champions, coaches, and outstanding performers from across the world of elite sports.  

Simon shares his thought about how elite performers deal with the pressure which enables them to excel in key moments. He tells  us about how high performers manage to develop the psychological flexibility to master the uncomfortable feelings, which are part of our human nature, and which have the propensity to disrupt their flow.

A key skill Simon talks about, is how people can channel their anxiety and fear, which is part of dealing with uncertainty of high performance, by accepting these feelings, welcoming them, and making space for them. 

This fascinating chat explores a whole range of issues, from developing presence, getting into flow states, dealing with ego, letting-go, and focusing on process rather than being owned by the outcome.

 You can find out more about Simon and his podcasts at

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