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March 14, 2023

#107 A US Navy Seal Commander, A Mindfulness Expert, and Self-Compassion

#107 A US Navy Seal Commander, A Mindfulness Expert, and Self-Compassion

The battle for success in trading, is not a battle fought in the market, on your trading screen, or in the dealing rooms of a major trading firm, it’s a battle which takes place in those few inches between your left ear, and the right one.

In this episode we talk with Jon MacAskill, a former US Navy Seal commander, and Will Schneider, a well-known Mindfulness Guru from New York, who together host ‘Men Talking Mindfulness’, a brilliant podcast series which brings together superb guests to talk about Mindfulness, and Healthy Mental Functioning, from a male perspective.

We explore with Jon and Will what Mindfulness means, how it so much more than a few 5 minutes sessions on an App, and how it empowers people to perform as a far higher level so that they can win that battle in the few inches between their ears.

This episode goes in-depth on a subject which is still largely seen as a new-age holistic practice, rather than an activity, which, when time, energy, and deliberate practice are spent on, can empower people to achieve significantly stronger performance, on a sustainable basis, whilst reducing stress, and promoting better personal well-being. 

We also talk beyond mindfulness, on subject and themes connected to better mental well-being, and improved personal performance, and discuss the soft skills of high performance, which are ironically the hardest skills to master.

You can find out more about Jon and Will, and their brilliant podcast at the following links:

Jon Mackaskill Twitter      Linkedin      Website  Instagram

Will Schneider Twitter      Linkedin      Website    Instagram

Men Talking Mindfulness Website Podcast

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