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May 23, 2023

#111 Reminiscences of a Day Trader with David Hale

#111 Reminiscences of a Day Trader with David Hale
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In the enticing world of trading, where money, glory, and glamour beckon, millions are drawn each year, hoping to strike it rich. Yet, only a fraction ever truly succeed, and even those who do often emerge battered, bruised, and occasionally traumatized.

In this week's podcast, we have the privilege of speaking with someone who has traversed the unpredictable landscape of trading, enduring numerous ups and downs along the way. Meet David Hale, a seasoned proprietary trader with over two decades of experience. David's firsthand account is chronicled in his self-published book, 'Cash Rules: Reminiscences of a Prop Trader.' Unlike the glossy portrayal often associated with trading, David presents an unvarnished and honest perspective.

During our conversation, David delves into the dizzying heights of triumph and the heart-wrenching lows of failure, recounting tales of immense gains and devastating losses. He fearlessly explores the depths of despair and the arduous journey to recovery. Additionally, David generously shares his insights and experiences on how one can truly make money in the world of prop trading. His refreshingly candid book sets the tone for our conversation, where authenticity takes center stage.

David bravely acknowledges his own flaws and candidly discusses how they have often exacted a toll over the years. It's a rarity to encounter a trader willing to confront their weaknesses head-on. However, we all possess our own imperfections, and it is those who acknowledge and comprehend how these flaws impact their trading that tend to have a far greater chance of success.

If you're captivated by David's story, I encourage you to explore his book, 'Cash Rules: Reminiscences of a Prop Trader.' Available in both paperback and Kindle formats, it offers an insightful and thought-provoking read. To get your copy, simply visit this Amazon website link.

You can follow David on his Twitter Account at

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