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Aug. 31, 2019

#13 Great Learnings from Master of the Markets: Musings on Our Recent Interviews

#13 Great Learnings from Master of the Markets: Musings on Our Recent Interviews

In this podcast, we explore the purpose of the AlphaMind project, which aims to help people from across the Financial Markets both new and seasoned to develop and cultivate mindsets for success in their work as traders and investment professionals. 

We also share out thoughts on some of the amazing interviews we have conducted in recent weeks with the following masters of the markets. 

Mark Hutchinson -Trading Success against the odds: An FX trader and mentor who has found his own way to success in currency markets and has excelled against the odds.  

Garth Friesen - Lesson from a Hedge Fund master: One of the world’s leading Hedge Fund managers, who oversees a $6 billion fund, shares his lessons for traders from over 20 years at the cutting edge of markets.  

Adam Nash - 3 Decades of Adaption & Success: Adam is one of the few to traders to successfully adapt from the futures floor of the 90s to screen-based trading and then to continue to outperform in the modern world of the algoes.  

Dr Brett Steenbarger - Trading & Spirituality: Brett Steenbarger, the world leading expert on trading psychology explores the human battle between self and ego. Brett also discusses his new free online book for traders; ‘Radical Renewal’.

Clive Lambert - A Technical Analysis Master: Clive shares strong opinions about how many people misuse and abuse technical analysis and how this undermines their trading performance. 

Mandi Pour Rafsenjani – Developing Traders from the Inside & working with a Market Wizard: Trader and coach, Mandi discusses trader development, errors and mistakes, working with Linda Raschke, and women in trading.