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Nov. 2, 2019

#21 Benis Kumar - Behavioural Finance and Trading Biases

#21 Benis Kumar - Behavioural Finance and Trading Biases

Benis is a partner and behavioural scientist with 'Final Mile', the world’s leading Behavioural Architecture Consultancy. 

Behavioural Architecture seeks to solve complex issues and problems where conventional approaches fall short. It does this by exploring issues through the lens of Cognitive Neuroscience, Behavioural Economics, and Design Concepts. 

Benis heads Final Mile's Financial Market arm which seeks to help businesses and people engaged in financial markets to make improvements which lead to improved decision-making and stronger performance. 

In this fascinating interview Benis tells us about Final Mile's philosophy and approach to problem solving around human performance in financial markets. We explore key behavioural findings that have emerged in their work, how we as human are impacted by biases, and how we largely absolve and avoid trying to understand and correct these. 
This interview moves beyond the normal discussions on biases, emotions and systematic behavioural limitations to explore at a much deeper level how these impact trading and investing performance and how people can start to address these.

You can find out more about Final Mile's outstanding and highly impactful work in many fields on their website at