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Nov. 25, 2019

#24 Nick Smith - The Crossover of Sports Betting & Financial Market Trading

#24 Nick Smith - The Crossover of Sports Betting & Financial Market Trading

This interview is really in two parts. 

The first 15 minutes of the interview Nick tells about himself and his new venture, and talks about the comparison between trading and sports-betting. Nick sees sports-betting as still in the early stage of maturity compared to the very mature financial markets. For this reason, it is ripe for exploration and provides an exciting opportunity for those who struggling to find an edge in the very mature financial markets. 

The second part of this interview talks more directly about trading and Nick’s experiences as a trader on the inside of the FX market in a Market-Making role. Nick worked at major investment banks Goldman Sachs and Citibank where he was active in market-making roles and was close to the flow as anyone will ever be. Citibank themselves have historically been one of the top 2 or 3 banks in the world in FX markets. 

This is a great chance for the podcast audience to listen to and hear the views of someone who has traded as close to the inside as one can be and did so in the new market environment of the recent years. Nick’s views may surprise many. There is a common belief that being on the inside provides a major advantage, whilst there will always be an edge on the inside, his views may surprise many.  

If anyone is keen to know more about Nick’s new sport-betting venture, the company is called Sportsstack. Their website is and you can follow them on twitter at @SportStackHQ