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Dec. 3, 2019

#25 Beat Nussbaumer - 35 years as an Investment Bank FX Trader

#25 Beat Nussbaumer - 35 years as an Investment Bank FX Trader

Beat Nussbaumer started trading FX in 1984 for UBS in Zurich. Over the next 35 years Beat worked for a who’s who of Investment Banks including Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs, and Commerzbank as a market-maker, proprietary trader and Head of FX.
Over the past few years Beat has been trading for himself, tutoring retail traders and providing investment bank research. 

In this interview Beat shares powerful insights on the challenge’s new traders face, talks about the realities needed to succeed in the challenging world of Foreign Exchange markets, and explores how the markets have changed in recent years.
This is a great opportunity to hear from a trader who has worked at the very centre of Foreign Exchange markets, who understands what is needed to succeed, and has been there, seen it, done it. 

This interview covers so many themes that it is hard to list them all here, there is something for everyone including: 

  • Trading techniques. 
  • Trading your own money. 
  • Exploring trading strategies. 
  • Playing in volatile markets. 
  • How to manage yourself in the markets.
  • The changing nature of the Foreign Exchange markets. 
  • Learning to be adaptable.
  • Intuition in trading. 
  • The rollercoaster of trading. 
  • Coping with setbacks.
  • The true character of a good trader.