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Jan. 7, 2020

#27 How to Be Better as Traders

#27 How to Be Better as Traders

In the first AlphaMind podcast of 2020 co-hosts Steven Goldstein and Mark Randall share their Top Tips for how to be more effective, more productive, more successful as Traders and Investment Professionals in 2020.

Mark and Steve between them have over 70 years working in Financial Markets and now work with leading traders, investment professionals, manager and leaders in the Financial Markets industry as coaches and consultants. Their work in the field of performance development has helped many traders and investment professionals to power significant improvement as takers and managers of risk. 

In this special New Year episode Steven and Mark share 3 key insights each which they feel will help people improve how they are when they work as Traders. Mark’s focus in the first part of the interview is geared towards physical wellbeing, whilst Steven’s focuses in the second half of this podcast is on mental attitudes and mindsets which people can adopt to help them improve how they are in the daily battle with markets.  

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