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Jan. 14, 2020

#28 Jim Simons - The Man Who Solved The Markets – With Greg Zuckerman

#28 Jim Simons - The Man Who Solved The Markets – With Greg Zuckerman

Jim Simons is the most successful trader of the last 3 decades by a country mile. Simons founded the Renaissance Technologies the secretive Hedge Fund which employs some of the world’s most brilliant mathematical geniuses. Their flagship Medallion fund has returned a staggering 66% annually, before fees, since 1988.

In November 2019, Wall Street journalist and author Greg Zuckerman published his book which lifted the veil on Jim Simons and Renaissance. ‘The Man Who Solved the Market: How Jim Simons Launched the Quant Revolution’ tells the story of Simons, his early years, his influences, his prolific rise as a mathematician, and his career as a code-breaker for the US government. It explores Simon’s initial ventures into the world of investing and trading, how Simons vision shaped the direction his firm took, his search for methods and models which could unlock the potential to profit in the markets and how he accumulated a team of world renowned Mathematicians to form Renaissance Technologies.  

This brilliant book also tells the story of the Renaissance through some of the individuals which were leading figures within the firm, how they found and improved the model which still runs today as the Medallion Fund, and how they launched other highly successful funds. The book also digs below the surface to reveal some of the dramas which occurred within the firm, the battles between personalities, and finally the how the wealth created by one partner, Robert Mercer, was to have a huge influence on the world we live in today, and which without, we may not have had Donald Trump or Brexit. 

The book is a brilliant read, and in this interview with Zuckerman, we explore his inner thoughts on the book, Simons and Renaissance and discover a little more about what lies behind their extraordinary success. 

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