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July 2, 2019

#4 Military Grade Trading Mindfulness - Mark Randall Interview

#4 Military Grade Trading Mindfulness - Mark Randall Interview

In this episode Steven Goldstein interviews co-host Mark Randall. 

Mark is a Mindulness practitioner and veteran of the Financial Markets. 

Mark calls his approach ‘Mindfitness’. He describes it as 'Military Grade' mindfulness, basing it on the same principles of Mindfulness used by the US Special forces to help them be optimum when in training and on active service. 

Mark is a former Futures and Options broker who use to run Natwest and Greenwich Capital Futures. His broking career lasted more than 3 decades and he was present on Day 1 of the London International Financial Futures Exchange (LIFFE) in 1982.
Mark learned about Mindfulness decades before it become fashionable having been taught its basics by his martial arts teacher. He used this to be able to perform optimally in the extremely stressful environments he worked in.

Having left broking a few years ago, Mark developed his Mindfulness practice to help others, including leaders and managers in blue-chip corporations, and traders and investors in the financial markets, His programmes help them develop their own mindfulness skills to be able to perform at optimal levels in their work, to be more focused and resilient, and to be able to destress and gain clarity and calmness. 

In this interview I explore Mark’s approach to Mindfulness and how people can use it to improve their working performance to be optimal in their trading and investing performance.
Themes which this conversation explores include:

  • How Mindfitness helps people be more effective in their work.
  • How Mindfitness develops resilience and improves decision-making and self-control.
  • Mark’s journey from Broker to Mindfulness Coach and Facilitator.
  • Mindfitness and recovery, sleeps, relaxation, health and nutrition.
  • Emotional Intelligence: Improving Mental bandwidth and personal latency.
  • Getting past mindfulness and meditation as a fad.
  • Seeing the benefits of Mindfitness to Positive Performance.
  • Reducing Stress
  • Exploring Present Moment Awareness.
  • Calming internal negative self-talk.
  • Making space for clear thinking, creativity and seeing opportunity not threat.
  • Gaining Clarity.If you are interested to know more about Mark's services. 

You can email Mark at