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April 15, 2020

#40 Performance Based 'Mindfulness for Traders', with Mark Randall

#40 Performance Based 'Mindfulness for Traders', with Mark Randall

Mark Randall is Co-Host of the AlphaMind Podcast, but this week he becomes the interview guest. 

Mark is one of the world’s leaders in the delivery of Performance-Based Mindfulness. He works primarily with corporates, including board-level leaders and people in senior management roles, as well as with traders and investors. 

Mark’s outlook and perspectives with regard to mindfulness have evolved from over 30 years working as a broker in the International Futures and Options markets for some of the world’s leading investment firms, where he developed his own mindfulness skills and practice to enable him to self-manage and thrive in this challenging and highly pressurised world. 

In this podcast, Mark shares his thought and reflections on how Mindfulness enables people to be ‘” Fully Present’ and at the "Top of Their Game" when their work and their job requires them to be so. He sees Mindfulness as adding both ‘a coat of armour’, a shield and a weapon, with which to go into battle daily in the highly challenging and uncertain world of Financial Markets. 

Mark moves beyond the more traditional, and what some would call the softer aspects of Mindfulness, to look at it as a tool to weaponize the mind.