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May 27, 2020

#44 Steven Goldstein's Golden Trading Guidelines

#44 Steven Goldstein's Golden Trading Guidelines

AlphaMind podcast host Steven Goldstein worked for almost 25 years as a professional trader at Investment Banks in both Market-Making and Proprietary Trading roles. In his battle to succeed, Steven was always looking to improve and find the secrets to success. To help him on this journey, Steven developed his own set of guiding principles which were personal to him. Over time these principles formed and emerged, and later in his career he collated them into a list of 15 principles and reminders, which he called his 'Golden Trading Guidelines'.

These principles and reminders helped him shape his philosophy to risk, kept him on a productive path, and brought him back to that path when he veered to far from it. 

In this episode, Steven, who now works as a Performance Coach for professional and retail traders, is interviewed by podcast co-host Mark Randall about these 15 guidelines. 

Steven and Mark engage in an in-depth and lively discussion about the Guidelines, with Mark asking probing questions and sharing his own thoughts brought up by Steven's responses.

This discussion will resonate with traders and investors from across the spectrum of markets as they recognise their own performance challenges that they themselves face as they seek to navigate their journey to success in financial markets. 

To find out more about Steven’s Golden Trading Guidelines, you can visit the AlphaMind Blog page where an accompanying article to this episode can be found with a list of the guidelines. Alternatively, go direct to the article here: