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July 14, 2020

#49 The Risk Personality Episode with Geoff Trickey

#49 The Risk Personality Episode with Geoff Trickey

Geoff Trickey is one of the world’s leading experts on Risk Personality. Geoff says that ‘personality writes your biography’ and believes that knowing and understanding your risk personality, can provide an enormous edge in how you work and the quality of the decisions and choices you make.

A few years ago Geoff and his team created a new tool for assessing risk personality called the Risk Type Compass. I have used the Risk Type Compass extensively in my coaching work with traders and investment professionals. It has been extremely useful in helping people understanding themselves better and in supporting them to cultivate greater self-awareness around how they deal with risk and uncertainty. Ultimately, it has helped me as a coach help them to sharpen their risk edge and improve their decision-making abilities.

For traders and investment professionals, knowing your risk personality enables you to calibrate how you work, so you are working most congruently with you risk personality. 

Working congruent to personality enables you to go to places when taking risk where your  character and personality provide an edge, and enables you to stay away from situations where they have no edge. It becomes the foundation for greater degrees of self-trust and improved levels of confidence. 

I have written a short article which can be viewed on 'LinkedIn' at this link here. The article  talks about risk personality and why being aware of it is so vital for success in financial markets, as well as other areas of life and work.

The Risk Type Compass (Exclusive for listeners of the AlphaMind Podcast - Take the test free)

Psychological Consultancy have very kindly offered to allow listeners of the AlphaMind Podcast the opportunity to take the test for free and receive a complementary shorted version of the test report.

To find out more, visit the AlphaMind Blog page at this link. Here you can view an example of the Risk Type Compass diagram and will also find further details of how each risk type relates to trader and investor behaviour.

You can find out more about the Risk Type Compass at the Psychological Consultancy website here.