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July 6, 2019

#5 Steven Goldstein - Trader Performance Coaching

#5 Steven Goldstein - Trader Performance Coaching

Steven Goldstein, one of the world’s leading trader performance coaches is interviewed by the podcast Co-Host Mark Randall

In this podcast Steven shares his journey from his early days Trading Rates and FX in a Japanese banks in London in the mid-80s, to his time working on the proprietary trading desk at Credit Suisse and later Commerzbank and American Express, before opting to start a career as a Performance coach working with Traders and Investment Professionals.

Steven shares his philosophy on how he helps traders to break past the self-imposed barriers we put which hold us back. 

In this interview Steven discusses: 

How coaching had helped him make a mid-career leap in trading performance. 

What is ‘Inner Game’ performance coaching.

How does it differ from conventional forms of coaching? 

How Non-Directive coaching powers performance. 

Working with teams

How the more successful traders are more likely to ask for coaching. 

Coaching as a tool to develop Growth Mindset.  

Understanding the Systemic context of traders. 

The limits of learning trading Psychology, versus working in your own personal Psychology. 

How he helped traders recover from negative mindsets.  

How Relationships, Belonging, Ego. 

Why Mindset is everything and developing and Mindset for Alpha is vital. 

Lessons from sports. – British cycling and micro improvements. 

Embracing the complex.

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