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Aug. 12, 2020

#51 Steve Ward - Bullet Proof Trader

#51 Steve Ward - Bullet Proof Trader

Every Trader would love to be bullet proof. To be bulletproof is to be able to survive the mental shots taken at us each and every day in the financial markets. When these shots hit us, they disrupt our thinking, corrupt our decision-making and inflict major damage on our trading and investment performance.
In this episode Trader Performance Coach Steve Ward talks about his latest book, ‘Bulletproof Trader: Evidence-based strategies for overcoming setbacks and sustaining high performance in the markets'. He tells us about the book and also what it means to become ‘Bullet Proof’ as a trader. 

Steve also tells us about his journey of transition from Sports Psychologist to leading Trader Performance Coach and author of some of the best-selling books on trading mindset. Including one the most popular books of recent years High Performance Trading. 

Steven has worked in the field of High Performance over many decades, he worked with Olympic Athletes, High Stakes Poker Players, Leaders in Business and with Traders and Investors in the Financial Markets.  Steve realised the similarities between high performance sports and the trading world, and developed a performance practice which has helped many traders make lasting improvements. 

Steven wrote his first book, High Performance Trading, a few years ago. It became an instant hit amongst traders and has seen his reputation in this world soar. Bulletproof Trader is the next instalment in a series of books Steve has written on themes related to mindset, performance and psychology in the similar world of trading and sports betting. 

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