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Aug. 25, 2020

#52 Beyond Technical Analysis with Robin Bieber

#52 Beyond Technical Analysis with Robin Bieber

Robin Bieber has been working in the Oil markets for the past 40 years. He has been a trader, broker and analysts, and is now considered one of the leading technical analysts in the trading industry. 

There are few better qualified people who possess the depth of knowledge and insight about how to use and apply Technical Analysis than Robin. Robin joined the markets in 1982 after nine years in the British Army. Robin first worked at E.D. and F. Mann followed by spells at Tiger Petroleum, and Amerex Petroleum, before Robin founded Bieber Oil Ltd, which was acquired by PVM in 1993. He now runs Rb Oil Ltd, a consultancy company

In this fascinating discussion Robin and hosts Mark and Steven move quickly move beyond the usual talk about Technical Analysis to discuss how best to use and apply analysis in a way which brings real value to a trader’s approach and practice.  

We think you will get a lot out of this chat between Steven, Mark and our outstanding guest Robin.

You can find out more about Robin and his work at