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Sept. 20, 2020

#54 Psychology, Mindset & Ego: AlphaMind interviewed by Tradeciety

#54 Psychology, Mindset & Ego: AlphaMind interviewed by Tradeciety

This weeks guest was 'us'.

In this episode Ralf and Moritz of the Tradeciety interviewed AlphaMind Podcast hosts Steve and Mark about their work helping traders to become more effective by tackling the psychological, mental and behavioural aspects of trading. 
This interview covered a wide range of themes including: 

  • Developing Resilience. 
  • The importance of ‘Letting Go’ and overcoming unhelpful attachments. 
  • Overcoming the inevitable downward spiral.
  • Self-compassion in trading as an antidote to the times when we are overly harsh on ourselves.
  • How we unbalance and undermine our ability fo be objective.
  • Confidence levels.
  • Aspects of ego: How too much ego can undermine, as does a devalued ego. 
  • Grounding yourself. 
  • Working beyond comfort zones.
  • The importance of exploring your risk process.
  • Opening yourself up for self-examination.
  • Developing Risk Capability.
  • Over-reliance on analysis. 
  • How our deep held unconscious beliefs and values impact our self belief. 
  • The importance of understanding how the markets work.
  • Doing forensic preparation and planning, and how this can and does pay-off.
  • Taking breaks to reset, refresh, and recalibrate. 
  • How your cognitive abilities are impacted by your physical behaviours.
  • Being at your cognitive best.  
  • The importance of having an edge. 
  • Ensuring you are trading when and where you have an edge.
  • Avoiding times when you have an edge. 
  • The importance of risk management.

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