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Oct. 6, 2020

#55 Dr Tara Swart; Talks about 'Brain Agility' and being 'The Wendy Rhodes of London'

#55 Dr Tara Swart; Talks about 'Brain Agility' and being 'The Wendy Rhodes of London'

This week we are delighted to have Dr Tara Swart on the Podcast. Tara is a qualified psychiatrist and neuroscientist. who left the world of medicine to set-up her own Neuroscience based leadership coaching consultancy and became a coach, working with leaders and increasingly with top traders in Hedge Funds. Tara also lectrues in Neuroscience at MIT, is an in demand speaker, and author of ‘The Source: Open Your Mind, Change Your Life ‘, which has been has described very favourably as ‘The Secret based on Science’. The Source has become a UK best seller, and is now being translated into 36 different languages. 

Tara’s work with Hedge Funds has seen her described as the ‘Wendy Rhodes of London’. For those of you unfamiliar with Wendy Rhodes, she was the Psychology Coach in the Primetime hit show ‘Billions’. 

In this episode we had a great discussion about Tara's book ‘The Source’, and expanded this out to explore how traders can develop an ‘AlphaMind’ by developing their ‘Brain Agility’. Brain agility facilitates the mastering of your emotions, developing greater resilience, being aware of the brain-body connection, accessing your intuitive abilities, making good logical decisions, staying motivated and thinking creatively. 

This conversation is laced with references to neuroscience, psychology, emotions and references to our cognitive abilities allied to how people think about and make decisions in risk, trading and investment situations.  

Tara talks extensively about how to think better, how to hone your thinking, how to develop brain flexibility and how to manage and create your optimal physical environment through better quality sleep, nutrition, health and daily life management for optimal brain function. The podcast also explores other areas including how to cope with fear and anxiety related to trading.

You can find out more about Tara on her website

You can also read the Spear Magazine Article which Tara refers to later in the interview at this link:

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Tara is married to Robin Bieber, one of the world’s leading technical analysts and a guest a few podcasts earlier.