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Dec. 2, 2020

#59 Chris Camillo - Market Wizard: Finding Treasure in the Markets

#59 Chris Camillo - Market Wizard: Finding Treasure in the Markets

Our guest this week is Chris Camillo, a unique and quite astonishing trader. Chris was recently featured in the Jack Schwager’s new book, ‘Unknown Market Wizards’. The title chapter for Chris’s interview was ‘Neither’, and it referred to Chris’s approach to trading, which didn’t make use of neither Fundamental Analysis nor Technical Analysis.

Chris uses a unique approach to trading which he calls Social Arbitrage. It could best be described as ‘Observational Awareness’. Chris is also a big fan of the work of Peter Lynch, one of the legends of investing and author of one of the most influential books on trading and investing, ‘One up on Wall Street. Like Lynch, Chris seeks to find the long shots from which can produce "tenbaggers", trades or investments that have strong growth potential compared to the initial investment. However, unlike Lynch, Chris doesn’t crawl through company financial data, investigate the make-up of the board, or find opportunities within company accounts, instead he looks for information from the social environment that detects change early and then connects that change to investable opportunities.

Chris has achieved incredible success in trading by searching out for new trends, without needing to carry out any fundamental analysis or technical analysis. He looks for information imbalances which find cheap value and exits when he gets what he considers ‘information parity’.

In this interview Chris shares his passion with us, and talks about the challenges of trading, the advantages of being a retail investor, his love of the treasure hunt, and his dislike for trading using standard practices. He also tells us about the company he bought and sold ‘Ticker Tag’, which he would use to analyse twitter data for social arbitrage opportunities and identifying new trends hidden within the conversations on Twitter.

We had a lot of fun with Chris on this great chat. As you will hear, Chris is full of passion for what he does in his work and in life in general. He also is involved increasingly in philanthropic causes and raising money for charity and plans to move his trading into a foundation to invest and make money for paediatric causes that are close to his heart.

You can find out more about Chris at the following resources:

Chris YouTube Channel
And their Twitter handle @DumbMoneyTV
Chris’s own Twitter handle is @chriscamillo