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Feb. 23, 2021

#63 JTrader: There’s No Easy Money - Adaption, Evolution and Learning

#63 JTrader: There’s No Easy Money -  Adaption, Evolution and Learning

There is no easy money in trading, and just when you think there may be, the opportunities that produce it get snatched away from you. That’s the lesson our guest Joseph Gasperoni, who goes by the name JTrader, has learned and passed on to others in a 20-year career as a full-time day trader and educator.

Jo started trading in the dotcom era in Italy. At a young age he was soon making the sort of money which most people dream of. Life seemed good and he seemed to be set-up for a great and fruitful career as a trader.  However, things change fast in markets, and the rich seams that Jo had tapped into soon ran dry. 

This maybe a sobering story for many young traders who are currently experiencing their own ‘easy money’. As Jo experienced, what seems like easy money rarely lasts, and when it stops, you need to work out how to make money in all market conditions. 

Following the taps running dry for Jo, he went through a period of deep reflection, anxiety and self-doubt. The period of underperformance was a hit to his self-esteem which he took personally, and which led to sleepless nights and panic attacks. After a break for a couple of years Jo returned and started trading in the U.S Markets, effectively starting over, learning a new strategy in a new market, and trading in new ways. The key to his story and subsequent success is one of adaption, evolution and re-learning. 

Jo also started his own educational arm which provides learning and mentoring services for traders. Education services are vital for new retail traders who miss out on the benefits of learning in a trading room environment. Whilst there are many dubious providers of trading education, Jo came to us highly recommended and we were able to explore this vital area of trader development.  

As well as being a full-time trader and mentor, Jo is into mixed martial arts and bodybuilding.

You can find out more about Jo on his website: and can follow him on twitter here