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March 23, 2021

#65 Ryan Paisey - No Edge Will Last Forever

#65 Ryan Paisey - No Edge Will Last Forever

Ryan Paisey has been in and around markets for almost 2 decades. He has been a market-maker, a day trader, a scalper and a prop trader (almost an interesting new line for Steve Miller Band's 'The Joker'). These days he devotes his energy to providing a trader news service ‘PriapusIQ’, which he describes as All Killer, No Filler, News & Commentary on all Things Markets & Geopolitics. His commentary, often accompanied by some acerbic market wit (yes he really is 'the joker'), provides a more slanted and edgy perspective on news and analysis which differentiates it from the standard news and information offerings traders receive.

In this excellent chat with us, Ryan shares some deep thoughts and perspective about a host of aspects of trading from his many year’s experiences. He feels passionate about the learning journey for traders, and how so many people enter trading without the sort of support and guidance he had from experienced traders who were around him in the physical settings of trading room environments. As you will hear in this vibrant chat, Ryan doesn’t hold back on his views.

Ryan is driven by a desire to provide traders with an edge by having the sort of slant on news and information which they fail to get from standard news services. With barriers to entry so low, many traders come into trading unprepared, or with unrealistic expectations and then have to fend for themselves. By contrast, when Ryan started, he had the benefit of learning in a trading room environment which provided the sort of incubation which many modern traders miss out.  His news service aims to help address the absence of the sort of high valuable spin on news, in relation to markets, that use to be available to traders working in trading room environments.

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You can follow Ryan on Twitter at @PriapusIQ