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April 7, 2021

#66 Mark Randall - Cultivating a Peak Performance Mindset for Trading Excellence

#66 Mark Randall - Cultivating a Peak Performance Mindset for Trading Excellence

This episode focuses on peak performance.

We are all familiar with the idea of coaching as a driver of peak performance in sports, however the concept of using coaching in other areas, particularly trading, remains largely alien to many. Yet trading is a high-performance activity. It requires clarity of mind, careful planning, acute reflexes, the ability to make split second decisions in fast moving complex and uncertain environments, and a competitive spirit. 

People rarely consider these aspects of trading. Most people see the job of trading as being about strategy and method. They thus devote vast amounts of energy to trying to find and develop systems or methods to win the strategy battle. It’s worth considering that the most successful traders do not have superior systems, methods or strategies to anyone else. What they do have is the ability to apply them more effectively. This is because they have the ability to work at peak levels of performance more often, more regularly and are able to sustain those levels. 

It is with this in mind, that people are turning increasingly towards performance coaching to help support, develop and motivate them towards developing a peak performance mindset and achieve excellence in the enormously challenging roles they face as traders.

Mark Randall, one of the podcasts usual co-hosts is today the interviewed, rather than the interviewer. Mark, a veteran of the financial markets, is now one of the world's leading Peak Performance coaches.  For the past several years Mark has worked with people in trading and investment roles, as well as with people in leadership and management roles, and even those engaged in sports.  Mark focuses on developing the person to cultivate a peak performance mindset for the challenges they face. 

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