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June 2, 2021

#70 Denise Shull - Developing Visceral Intelligence

#70 Denise Shull - Developing Visceral Intelligence

We are delighted to welcome back the wonderful Denise Shull to the AlphaMind podcast to talk about Visceral Intelligence and Trading. Visceral intelligence is the literal feeling that you get in your body that correlates with a decision you’re trying to make or an experience you are having.

Denise is making her second appearance as a guest on the AlphaMind podcast. As one of the leading performance coaches in the trading and investment world, Denise has specialised in applying neuroeconomics and modern psychoanalysis in her work with hedge fund portfolio managers and high performance professional athletes. She is also the founder of The Rethink Group and author of one of the best-selling books on trader mindset – Market Mind Games

In this episode we explore Visceral Intelligence and how we spend so much time up in our heads ruminating over the past and stressing about the future, that we miss out on vital clues and insights which our body and its feelings reveal and provide. This is why visceral intelligence and connecting with your body is so important.

This episode covers a range of themes of interest to new and seasoned traders alike, including:

·       How brain research on aspects of emotion, insight, intuition come to impact our trading practices. 

·       How we can use this insight on emotions to make better trading decisions. 

·       Useful analogies to compare to trading to improve how we manage ourselves as we navigate our way through the markets.

·       Developing visceral intelligence by naming our feelings and recognising how we can use these. 

·       Emotions and risk-decisions and recognising what is important and what is not.

·       The Cognitive and emotional Intelligence partnership and how ‘the body keeps the score’.

·       Keeping a track of your emotions to help make better trading decisions going forward. 

·       How our trading systems are unique to each individual and how this makes learning other people’s systems so challenging.

·       Improving your learning through greater knowledge of yourself. 

·       Categorising your emotions and listening to your body’s feeling without judgement.

·       The challenge and benefits of learning these elements when we have a resistance to honest self-reflection.

·       The dangers of cutting yourself off from your feelings. 

You can find out more about Denise and her work at: