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June 29, 2021

#72 Jason Shapiro – Through Trader Hell and Back, to Market Wizard

#72 Jason Shapiro – Through Trader Hell and Back, to Market Wizard

30 years of trading success brought Jason Shapiro to the attention of Jack Schwager, who was looking for new interview subjects for the latest instalment of his brilliant series of Market Wizards books ‘Unknown Market Wizard’. Shapiro’s chapter in the book is called ‘The Contrarian’, which tells you pretty much all you need to know about his approach and style. 

In this episode, Jason opens up with about his trading approach, his contrarian philosophy and a whole host of topics around the trading process which listeners will find fascinating. 

Jason talks passionately about trading and his work. Some of the themes Jason talks about include: Why he is a contrarian. How being a contrarian is not the same as being countertrend. Finding your edge. The importance of getting the process right. Being objective in your views. How market’s discount the news. Using the Commitment of Trader’s report. And a host of themes which will inspire and fascinate the listener.

Jason really opens up with great honesty about the realities of trading, of how he has been to hell and back more than once, the pain of losing, the learning experiences of becoming successful then losing it all, the journey and path to better process and practice, of how trading success is ‘the long game’.

This is one of those interviews which is full of nuggets and lessons from beginning to end. Do not switch this episode off early, because it just gets hotter is it goes along. 

Jason also talks about the Crowded Market Report, a Futures trading education website which focuses on and supports traders in developing a unique contrarian approach. Also full kudos to the Crowded Market Report, who donate a portion of their proceeds to the Charlestown Early Learning Center, a non-profit organization, to provide a high quality, affordable educational program for 3, 4, and 5 year old children in the local community. 

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