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July 13, 2021

#73 Jonathan Baird - Award Winning Money Manage:‘I Have Seen the Enemy and He Is Us’.

#73 Jonathan Baird - Award Winning Money Manage:‘I Have Seen the Enemy and He Is Us’.

Successful trading and investment has never been an easy task, with only very few able to encounter and navigate the turbulent waters of financial markets and remain standing nearly 4 decades later. This week’s guest is one of those few. 

Jonathan Baird is a Money Manager and writer of the outstanding Global Investment Letter. In his long career (managing primarily international/global equity mutual funds) Jonathan managed three different #1 ranked funds, and has won a prestigious Lipper Award for the best global equity fund in Canada.   

Jonathan subscribes to the view that the challenge is the market, but that we ourselves are the real enemy. This underlines his work, with a strong focus on being self-aware, challenging himself, managing himself,  ensuring he aligns his work, his purpose and his personality in a way which is the most productive and effective for himself. 

Jonathan’s also believes that a high-quality source of independent analysis and opinion can make the process more efficient and lead to better-informed decisions. This has led Jonathan to start and distribute his own outstanding monthly newsletter, the Global Investment Letter, which has become essential reading for thousands of professional investors and money managers. 

The Global Investment Newsletter

We were attracted to  invite Jonathan as a guest by The Global Investment Newsletter and the outstanding and thought-provoking analysis that he regularly posts on his social media feeds on Linkedin and Twitter.

The Global Investment Newsletter is a monthly journal that comments on capital markets around the world. It looks holistically at all aspects of the investment process. This includes providing views on geopolitical trends and their potential impact on markets. In addition, it includes insights on various other topics that may aid investors, such as investment philosophy, risk approach, and book reviews  that are included periodically. It is written in a style that is simple and straight-forward making its content accessible for both the experienced pro and the enthusiastic novice. 

You can learn more about the letter at this link:

Jonathan also published great content to his social media feeds on LinkedIn and Twitter. These can be found here: