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July 27, 2021

#74 Steve Ward & Simon Coterill - The Power of Trader Journaling.

#74 Steve Ward & Simon Coterill - The Power of Trader Journaling.

Journaling is one of the most useful activities a trader can engage in to help them become better traders, power their development, and help them refine their trading practice. However, it is also one of those activities that people think is a great idea but is something they think they’ll do another day, or they do a half-hearted effort. The exceptions are usually ‘exceptional people’. People who are willing to go that extra mile, put in the hard yards, take the time to learn about themselves and reflect on their trading. 

Our guests today are Steve Ward and Simon Cotterill. Together they have conceived, constructed, and published an outstanding new book/journal called the ‘Trader’s Mind Journal’. 

Steve Ward will be familiar to AlphaMind listeners and traders more widely. Steven has worked in the field of High Performance over many decades, he worked with Olympic Athletes, High Stakes Poker Players, Leaders in Business and with Traders and Investors in the Financial Markets. Steve realised the similarities between high performance sports and the trading world and developed a performance practice which has helped many traders make lasting improvements. Steven wrote his first book, High Performance Trading, a few years ago. It became an instant hit amongst traders and has seen his reputation in this world soar. Last year he released Bulletproof Trader to great acclaim. 

Simon Coterill came to trading after successfully running a printing company for many years. He started trading in 2010 and since 2014 has been day trading for his full-time career.

Simon focused initially on technical analysis but increasingly recognised the importance of 

Developing his psychology around trading. The Traders Mind Journal started as a project to develop a personal trading journal for his own use, however coming from a printing background, he started to explore the possibility of creating a more formal trading journal structure to use. 

 Steve and Simon have been working together over the past couple of years to design, construct and produce the Traders Mind Journal. The journal is a fantastic product which will be hugely useful and valuable to traders as a personal reflection and development tool. 

The Traders Mind Journal is the best ‘published trading journal’ we have come across. We are delighted to announce that listeners of the AlphaMind Podcast can obtain a 15% discount off the face value price of the Trader’s Mind Journal by inputting the code AMP15 when they order the book direct from Trader’s Mind Journal on the website

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