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Oct. 26, 2021

#78 Blake Morrow - From US Marine to Retail & Prop Trader

#78 Blake Morrow - From US Marine to Retail & Prop Trader

Blake Morrow has been a retail trader and a prop trader for over 2 decades. He also runs a Trading community, provides market commentary and detailed analysis for retail traders. He also co-founded Forex Analytix, which provides commentary and market analysis for retail traders working in the Foreign Exchange markets, as well in others market sectors including crypto and stocks. He also co-founded Traders Summit, which runs and hosts trading events and brings outstanding and informative content and education on markets to the retail trading sector. 

Blake has experienced many up and downs as a trader in his long career, and has faced serious battles with both the market, and himself along his journey. Before that, Blake served in the US marines, which provided him with a background that meant he was perhaps better prepared than many to stand the wild, frenetic and uncertain world of trading. 

This is a terrific chat, where we get down to the inner battles of being a retail trader and explore the unsanitized realities which the glossy broker adverts do not tell you about. 

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