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Jan. 11, 2022

#82 Weaponizing the Trader's Mind - With Mark Randall

#82 Weaponizing the Trader's Mind - With Mark Randall

Your Brain and your mind are your greatest asset as a trader, together they are most powerful weapon in your arsenal. But are you using them effectively, optimally, and to their fullest effect?

 Your capital, your systems, your processes are the warheads you deploy in the markets, but it’s your brain which is the system that deploys them, and your mind is tool that observes, senses and then makes the choices when to launch, manages the battle, and the allocation and timing of resource utilisation in that battle. 

But all too often, traders, are worn down in that battle, their mind becomes sub-optimal, and their brain slowly switches off. You can do something about it, and you should be aware that you can do something about it, otherwise you end up becoming the victim, and not the victor. But it is incredibly hard to do yourself. 

 In this week’s AlphaMind podcast, the usual co-host Mark Randall, is interviewed about ‘Weaponizing of the Traders Mind’.