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April 23, 2022

#89 Garth Mackenzie - What Drives Trading Success?

#89 Garth Mackenzie - What Drives Trading Success?

In this episode, we discuss with Garth Mackenzie, what he feels drives trading success, what drives his trading success, and what is it about his approach which has contributed to his success thus far.

Garth has been trading for over 20 years, however Garth admits the journey was anything but smooth, and despite some early successes, he found that the market was as adept in taking away, as it was in giving. 

In the years since his early trading days, Garth has gone on to build a thriving trading practice, putting both his own money and institutional money to work in the markets. 

In addition to being a trader, Garth is one of the most genuine and honest Trader Educators out there, providing excellent trading education services for the wider trading community through his ‘Trader’s Corner’ service and his ‘Talking with Traders’ podcast. 

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