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May 29, 2022

#91 Oliver Kell - US Trading Champion 2020: The Journey to Trading Mastery

#91 Oliver Kell - US Trading Champion 2020: The Journey to Trading Mastery

OIiver Kell won the 2020 US stock trading champion with an astonishing return of 941%, almost double the return of the second-place competitor. However, there is a lot more to Oliver than just great trading, his success is born of a deep humility and a huge respect for risk and the market. And as you listen to him, you may be surprised to notice how his process and success is built upon a foundation of high-risk aversion allied to a deep passion for what he does.

In this episode Oliver opens about his trading, his background and what he feels it takes to achieve mastery in trading. Oliver is a great advert for the small retail trader taking on the Wall Street giants and coming out on top. 

You can find out more about Oliver, including an excellent book he has written called ‘Victory in Stock Trading’ where he shares some of his strategies, developed through trial and error over more than a decade at, and can follow him on Twitter at

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