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July 6, 2022

#93 Ben Aldridge: Becoming Comfortable Being Uncomfortable

#93 Ben Aldridge: Becoming Comfortable Being Uncomfortable

What makes you feel uncomfortable? How do you cope with difficult situations which make you feel uncomfortable? Do you shy away from these situations or avoid making tough decisions because of your discomfort? Has it held you back in your trading, in life, and does it continue to hold you back?   

Being able to cope with anxiety inducing situations that make us feel uncomfortable lies at the very epicentre of many of the biggest challenges in life. Whether taking high stakes trading and investment decisions in volatile markets, to leading and managing teams and businesses, working in sales, public speaking, going for interviews, taking exams, through to having conversations with people you love and care about, and handling yourself in social situations. 

Ben Aldridge, has written some excellent, highly entertaining, and deeply through-provoking books on these themes, including the superb ‘How to Be Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable’. We were delighted to have Ben as a guest on the AlphaMind Podcast, talking about this fascinating topic and sharing his thoughts on a range of topics including developing a Stoic Philosophy to life, Cultivating a Growth Mindset, and Dealing with Embarrassment and Shame. 

This is a terrific interview with an interesting and informed guest, where we discuss this topic which is integral in every sense to developing high performance in trading, investing and market related activities. 

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