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July 18, 2022

#94 Steven Goldstein: 35 Years of Trading Lessons Learned

#94 Steven Goldstein: 35 Years of Trading Lessons Learned

Trading is a job which tests everyone who participates in it to the max. Volatile markets, rapidly shifting trading environments, strong bull markets followed by violent bear markets, fortunes made over years then lost in hours. The markets toy with traders’ emotions and their sense of self-worth, as they come to terms with just how much skill and ability is needed to succeed over the long-term in a challenge that people vastly underestimate.  

In this episode AlphaMind co-host Mark Randall interviews fellow co-host Steven Goldstein about the lessons he has learned in over 35 years in Financial Markets, working as a professional trader and coaching traders, both professional and retail.

Mark asks Steven about his journey from assistant on the trading desk of a Japanese bank in the 1980s. to working on the Proprietary desk of the Swiss Investment Bank Credit Suisse in the 1990s, and his time as a trader at the banking arm of American Express in the 2000s. They also discuss his subsequent decision to starting to work as a coach who helps traders develop their psychological abilities. 

Steven, who coaches some of the world’s leading professional traders at some of the world’s biggest Hedge Funds, as well as many smaller private and retail traders across all markets and trading styles, shares fascinating insights which listeners will learn so much from.

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